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At Friedman & Houlding LLP, we have over five decades of experience representing employees in sexual harassment and racial harassment suits. Our New York sexual harassment lawyers’ track record of success is reflected in recognition of our peers, who selected us for:

  • Super Lawyers Since 2014
  • Best Attorneys in New York Since 2009
  • Shortlisted HR Magazine top 10 since 2022
  • New York Magazine as one of "New York Area's Top Attorneys."
  • Jury Verdict Reporter Top Ten Punitive Damages Awards

We do not charge a fee unless we obtain a jury verdict or a settlement. That means our goals are your goals: justice for our clients, and to prevent future injustice.

Our practice is limited to sexual harassment, racial harassment and other types of harassment, at work. We bring class action lawsuits, to stop harassment and discrimination, and obtain compensation for large groups of victims. We represent individual victims, and groups of victims. We also represent victims of sexual harassment and racial harassment in school and housing.

Our success at trial, in settlements, is a result of our focus on our clients’ injuries. Sexual harassment and racial harassment can cause serious, lasting injury, the same way an automobile accident can cause serious injury visible on an MRI. We use a Forensic Psychiatrist to examine our clients, and explain the nature of their injury to the jury, just as a personal injury lawyer would show an MRI to the jury. Through the testimony of the Forensic Psychiatrist, the victim’s friends, family and coworkers, we demonstrate the victim’s entitlement to damages.

Sexual harassment affects women and men. Women are hesitant to come forward because they know their employer will try to blame them, and look for an excuse to fire them. Their harasser may have gotten away with it in the past, and his victims may have been fired. When the harasser is a manager, who generates more profits for the employer than the victim, Human Resources’ job is to protect the company, and the harasser. One of the oldest lies in the book is “we’re from Human Resources, we are here to help.”

Unless you know how to collect evidence to support your complaint, human resources is going to tell you it’s he-said-she-said, your boss has been warned, but you must continue to work for him. He will not be happy with you. Call us before you make the complaint, even if a lawsuit is the last thing you want. One of our attorneys will counsel you, without charge, on how you can legally collect evidence, such as texts, recordings and Facebook, before you make your complaint. Your employer will be required to take action, or face the consequences.

Men are reluctant to report sexual harassment because often, they suffer in silence, rather than admit they are victims.

If our firm takes your case we make this commitment: we promise to try your case to a jury if the defendant does not make a settlement offer we can recommend.

Our New York sexual harassment lawyers have developed their own techniques for investigating and trying these cases. If you are a victim of harassment of any kind in the workplace, contact us online or at 888-369-1119 for a free consultation.

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The Firm is regarded among plaintiffs' lawyers in New York- and possibly throughout the United States - as the leading firm in prosecuting individual and group harassment cases.” Friedman & Houlding LLP has obtained numerous seven and high six figure settlements for victims of sexual and racial harassment. Partner Joshua Friedman, President of the National Employment Lawyers Association, NY from 2014 through 2017, is in demand nationwide, as a speaker on employment harassment and psychiatric injury.

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