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Sexual Harassment - Truck Drivers

Have you been sexually assaulted or harassed, by a trainer or driver?

Sexual harassment is:

  • Unwanted offensive touching
  • Unwanted offensive romantic attention
  • Offensive sexual speech
  • Offensive sexual conduct, gestures
  • Unwanted exposure to pornography
  • Unwanted offensive sexual texts, emails, facebook/twitter/myspace communications
  • Conditioning training on sex
  • Being forced to have sex to keep or get your job

Have you complained to a supervisor, trainer or Human Resources? Was your complaint taken seriously? Was the response helpful?

Are you eager to put an end to sexual harassment on the job, so that no one has to put up with it again?

Would you like a free, confidential, consultation, to learn your legal rights?

Please email us any questions you have, call us at 888-369-1119, or you may fill out one of our forms online.